Offseason Changes

  • New quarterback
  • Potential Superstar QB drafted
  • No new competition
  • Projected Stats: 1200-1,500 yds 8-10 TDs

    2021 PPR Projected Ranking: WR 5

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    Overall Outlook

    As he enters year eight in the NFL, Allen Robinson finds himself in familiar territory. As an undervalued, consistent producer, no matter the situation.

    Robinson has been over 150 targets in the previous seven seasons four times, and the other three were injury-shortened years. In his last two seasons in Chicago, he has produced over 2400 yards receiving and thirteen touchdowns.

    So what has changed this offseason for Robinson? First, he has a new quarterback in Andy Dalton for the 2021 season, which despite question marks about his skills at this point in his career, he can provide a valid number one wide receiver. Secondly, Dalton was part of A.J Green’s seven-season pro bowl run of 1000 yard seasons. Third, Dalton may not be the greatest of quarterbacks but has produced in the NFL and tends to force-feed his number one.

    Another exciting change for Robinson was the Bears drafting QB Justin Fields in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Fields may not see the field very early in the season, but the potential to have him paired up with Robinson provides added value in my mind. If Fields takes the field, his athletic ability is better than Dalton’s. In addition, his running ability should dramatically open up the offense and free up Robinson to be in more favorable situations. 

    Besides the quarterback changes, the Chicago offense stayed the same. Jimmy Graham was brought back, Darnell Mooney entering year two after a solid six hundred receiving yard rookie season, and the running back room added very little. However, Mooney is the most critical piece to the puzzle for Robinson to have his best season yet. If Mooney can progress and become a real threat, a decent number two option, A-Rob should be in for a monster year.

    The last piece to the puzzle and the one that holds the most weight for me is the money. Robinson is on a one-year deal currently and will be a Free Agent come to the end of the season. If Robinson can have a big year, he will be looking at a monster contract. At age 28, he still has four to five more good seasons in him. That means that what he does this season will be the driving force in his ability to secure one final lucrative deal.

    With all of that, I am taking Robinson everywhere I can get him with an average ADP of 38. He is a proven producer, getting a quarterback upgrade (possibly massive if Fields plays), and is playing for his future. So sign me up for a Top 10 wideout with a Top 5 upside.

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