Colt: Hey, what is up, Bills Mafia. Welcome to another episode of the Buffalo Nerd. This is a home for Buffalo Bills football with a charity on top. If this is your first time finding us, thanks for being here. I’m glad you found us, you’re going to have a lot of fun today because we’re going to jam into the fantasy world with a guy that knows a lot about it. And if you’re one of the Nerd Mafia already, thanks for being here again, glad you find your way back, and I hope you enjoy the show as well.

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Before I talk about my guest a little bit, he is Bills Mafia, so I’m super excited about that. We’re getting close to the season. I really wanted to dive in to get the home-field advantage, get the guys that really love the team plus are good at what they do to come on and tell us how to move forward. This week, we’re going to get to hang out with Adam Pfeifer. He’s basically the dude over at FTN Network. If you want fantasy football, baseball, basketball, fantasy anything, this is the guy you need to talk to. And he’s going to tell us today how to approach our drafts and that kind of stuff moving forward this season. Adam, before we get too deep into all that, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself a little bit, let the audience know who you are.

Adam: First of all, thank you for having me. Always a pleasure. And, yeah, like you said, I’ve been covering fantasy sports for about six or seven years now. For me, it’s not just football, I would say football is definitely the most popular, but I do basketball year-round. Baseball, I did do a lot. I’m starting to slow down with baseball, but, yeah, I do articles for redraft and season-long DFS, and then also cohost, Fade The Chalk with Derek Brown, over at FTN Fantasy. We usually do about four episodes a week offseason and in season, we’re going to be up to six. So, that’ll be fun. Again, pre-season’s over, week one’s very, very soon. We have the Steelers on tap, so it’s an exciting time for sure, and I appreciate you having me.

Colt: Coming out of the AFC Championship, especially with the COVID and everything like that, and being able to get everybody into the building for the first time, you get a historic franchise coming in, who’s supposed to have a good football team too. I tend to think they’re not going to be, but that’s beside the point and for another day. But it’s going to be a fun season. We saw just in this last preseason game that this team appears to be able to be electric, really quickly with who we have right now, we’re going to dive into that. But before we get into all that stuff, we do like to highlight a charity every week on the show. As the guest, Adam got to choose the charity, and he chose Mental Health of America. Adam, why don’t you just tell us a little bit about why you chose them and just let us in a little bit about them?

Adam: For me, when you told me about the podcast and what you’re doing, in terms of giving some attention to charities, I knew right away I wanted to do something with mental health, it’s very important to me. Everybody in some capacity deals with it. I’ve had anxiety for a long time and it’s obviously impacted me. Anytime I can try to at least help in some regard, I would like to do that. I knew I wanted to spotlight Mental Health of America. Their mission’s really just to promote how important mental health is for your overall wellness for life, and they help with finding out exactly who needs the support and the differences in terms of all the mental health stuff out there. There’s anxiety, depression, everything. Anytime that I can find any sort of organization that really shines a light on how important it is and how serious mental health is to your overall everyday wellbeing, that’s something that I really, really, really, really value.

We’ve seen the last couple years, professional athletes talking and raising way more awareness and that’s been really, really nice to see for me. Obviously, nonprofessional athlete by any means, but I just want to always make sure anybody that has any issues with mental health and is maybe not as open about it, understands that there’s not only people out there, but there’s organizations like Mental Health of American and so many others that are doing great things to provide services and support, and overall understanding because it’s not just the support that people need at times, it’s the overall understanding. That’s where they come into play too. So, I was really happy to be able to talk about Mental Health of America.

Colt: When you brought it up, and you said that’s what you wanted to highlight, and I’m like, “It’s cool.” You wanted to highlight the Hayden Hurst Foundation, which also touches on that. We actually just talked about them a couple weeks ago. But it goes to show there’s a lot of mental health foundations out there, organizations out there, there are a lot of people trying to attack what is a need that I think everybody in America has right now. Whether maybe think you do or you don’t, that’s fine. But this is cool, because the first time that I came to this site is actually have like a quiz type of thing that you can take to just take an overall look at yourself from perspective of internally, I guess, is a good way maybe to describe it. Very cool.

Obviously, every week, we do put everything in the show notes. You guys can easily connect over to them, but you can just head to, and that takes you right over to their site. Resources, you can donate there, you can just send resources to their people, all sorts of different stuff available to you there, which is really cool. Thanks for bringing that up. Adam, thanks for touching on a little bit of the personal aspect of it for you too. I think that’s important, and that was what was missing I think for so many years, was men being okay with just saying like, “Hey, this is going on with me. It’s cool.” It doesn’t mean that I’m like less of a man or any of those types of things. So, very cool, appreciate it.

Adam: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you.

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Colt: Let’s get into your wheelhouse, and let’s jam can because I hit on a little bit already. I do believe that this team has the ability to be electric, but I also am the guy, and maybe you can tell me if you’re like this or not, I tend to stay away from the Bills in every fantasy format, because I’m the person that’s like, “I don’t want them to suck in the game and we lose the game, and then they also kill me in fantasy.” I stay away from them, but I’ve been turning the corner more and more because this offense just feels there’s so many different pieces. Your overall assessment of the offense as a whole, where do they stand for you?

Adam: We saw it in their preseason finale against Green Bay. It was Josh Allen’s first action of the preseason and Brian Daboll being the amazing play caller that he is, just unleashes in the passing game. The Bills didn’t even attempt a single run in the entire first quarter. They were just firing on all cylinders. Stefon Diggs wasn’t even playing in this game. The skill players are great. Josh Allen took this huge elite massive step forward last year. Diggs was pretty much the best receiver in football last year right there with Adams and Tyreek Hill. Beasley has been great as a slot receiver, like this just have so many great players. But I think the part that gets overlooked is how awesome Brian Daboll is, for not only this team, but for fantasy because he does– I talk about this all the time, but he doesn’t care about having a balanced offense. He’s not going into a game saying, “Okay, we’re going to want to run the ball 15 times and throw it 25.”

We saw last year at the Seattle game. If the opposing defense has no idea how to stop the passing game or whatever strength the Bills offense is for that game, he is going to keep doing it. There was a game against the Patriots or first game where Zack Moss and Singletary in the running game couldn’t be stopped and they threw the ball but way less. And then, the majority season their strengths are going to be obvious with the pass, but that’s why Brian Daboll is such a great play caller. The Bills were among the league leaders in passing rate on early downs. They were overall a top tier passing rate team. So, they played to those strengths. Brian Daboll really helped unleash Josh Allen. Obviously, Diggs played a huge part in that as well, but I think Brian Daboll deserves a ton of credit.

Like you said, Man, as a Bills fan too, I’m trying not to get too excited, but it’s impossible because we have not had an offense like this since the Jim Kelly days. As a Bills fan, you’re like waiting for it to fall out from underneath, but I don’t see that happening. I think they’re as legit as it comes.

Colt: Yeah, I agree. And the more that I watch it, the more– even that throw, it almost felt reminiscent of some of the old games where they got the penalty right and they get backed up, and they just ruined those great drive, and then it’s 3rd and 20, and he just throws a dart. [crosstalk]

Adam: We’ve seen multiple times with Josh Allen already. The Denver game last year was 3rd and 20, that’s when he had the touchdown pass to Kumerow, was a really similar throw. It was just 30 yards out and the ball gets there because the arm strength is insane. I feel like with this team, all of a sudden, they went from a team overall that was top five defense and will probably get you 15 points per game on offense. Now, their defense is still good and I think they can become a top five unit again, but their offense is going to score 30 more often than they’re not. It’s a really interesting dynamic with the Bills from the last two years to, as long as I’ve been a fan really.

Colt: Yeah, absolutely. I agree with that. I’m glad that you brought up that about Dabollbecause I always for the longest time in the NFL, it annoyed the crap out of me that all these coaches have this– I get it’s a respect type of thing, but they never want to run it up or they don’t want to push it or they don’t want to just keep doing something because you’re not supposed to. It’s the second half, you’re supposed to come out and run. Why? Why would I do that when you haven’t proven to me that you can stop us from scoring with the pass? I’m not going to just give you a free pass. I appreciate the Daboll– [crosstalk]

Adam: To get 12, 13 yards every play, passing the ball, don’t give the defense a chance to have a second and 9, second and 10 if you run the ball. Daboll, he deserves way more credit. Again, obviously, Stefon Diggs is an elite receiver, and he helped Josh Allen become incredible, incredible last year, but Brian Daboll deserves so much credit as well. I can’t stress that enough.

Colt: I know. I’ve been praying since last season. I’ve been praying that somehow someway, he’s just going to fall in love with this team, that he’s just going to want to stay here.

Adam: It’s tough too, because you like the guy and you want him to get a head coaching job because he deserves it, but at the same time, we’re like, “I don’t want him to coach anywhere else.”

Colt: Yeah, just stay here and just keep winning please. You can just keep winning titles here.

Adam: [laughs]

Colt: I know you’ll get paid a little less, but if you keep winning titles, I’m sure they can figure out a way to get you some more money. We’re both on the same page then that we think the offense is pretty doable. I’m a little concerned about the defense actually. I think that it’s going to be weird to see them because they’re going to be in that situation where they’re always facing passing again, for the most part, I think, which is going to put them in that weird spot. And you give up a lot of rush yards on that because you’re sitting back and then teams throw drawers at you and they do things like that, so your numbers get out of whack. But after that last preseason game, I was a little concerned, I get it’s preseason, but I’m like, “Really? Why are the number twos running up the gut on us for 10 yards every time? But I do anticipate we’re going to have a good defense.

But we’re not here to chat about the defense. We’re here to chat about the offensive guys. I just want to get your take on where they are as far as like injury, redrafting your mind or DFS, how you would play them? Allen, we will just start with him. Everybody and their brother’s going to want them. He finishes as the top fantasy player last year. He looks like he could do the same exact thing this season, but it’s expensive to get him. Are you a redraft going after Josh Allen or is he more of just strictly a DFS play for you?

Adam: You talked earlier about how you don’t like drafting a lot of Bills players for fantasy in case something– like for me, Josh Allen in a vacuum, like, “Yeah, get him in every draft.” But for me, I’m in so many leagues, and I already have Josh Allen and Diggs paired in a couple of them. So, I’m probably going to be differentiating a little bit just because it’s hard though, because they’re so good. But just in general, let’s say I’m going into a league tonight and I haven’t had a draft yet, and I have no teams, yeah, the top five quarterback is loaded. You have Mahomes, Allen, Lamar, Kyler and Dak. But Josh Allen, it’s not just the rushing that he gives you. He has 10 touch on upside with how they use them with the goal line, but now all of a sudden, he’s throwing the ball 35 to 40 times a game, and the pace is high and the pass attempts are high, and he’s throwing the ball downfield. I don’t want to say that he has the best group of pass-catchers in the league because there’s Tampa Bay, there’s a lot of really good– but I think Buffalo pretty easily, that’s the best group of route runners in the NFL between Diggs, Beasley, and Sanders.

So, yeah, Josh Allen, like you said, he was number one quarterback last year and he only played what a half of that Miami game at the end of the season. We’ve seen but the upside is. A lot of people a little bit worried about regression, and yeah, when you have a year that great, you’re going to regress a little bit, but I don’t think it’s a situation where Josh Allen’s going to, all of a sudden, go from the struggles he had in terms of accuracy the year before, to being amazing, to being back to questionable. He’s clearly proven he’s a bona fide star and that’s why the Bills gave him that contract. If you take him over Mahomes as the number one quarterback, I think you’re perfectly fine doing that. I don’t think it’s a crazy take at all.

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Colt: A prime example of him not going to regress much, I think, was that throw just even in the Green Bay game, where he’s going across his body and he just drops it 20 yards down the field on a dime right where it needs to be. No question, just jogs it off, like, “Cool, no big deal. That’s what we do around here.” I agree with that. If you’re liking Allen and you say you’re in a 12 team and you’re picking like 10 or something like that or even your deeper than that and you’re on the turn, would you do something as far as an Allen Diggs? Is that too risky in your eyes? Is Diggs that guy again for you this season that you are going to go up after him and get him as a true number one wide receiver?

Adam: Allen will go in the middle rounds, like round four and five, and a lot of people will just wait longer at quarterback because it’s a loaded position, I get that. It’s totally fine. Diggs, yeah, Diggs belongs in the second round. He’s usually going at that turn. First year in Buffalo, concerns about joining a new team and all he does is what lead the NFL and targets receptions, yards was among the league leaders in target share. I was looking at his numbers on PFF against man coverage, he was clear in a way the best receiver in the NFL against man coverage, so you can play man against him. And then, if you play zone against Buffalo, Cole Beasley is going to destroy zone coverage. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs against man coverage are unstoppable.

So, yeah, I understand Sanders is there now and Gabriel Davis was great as a rookie, but Stefon Diggs is going to walk into 150 targets this year. I think he had eight touchdowns last year. They really did come toward the end of the season, he had that three-touchdown game against New England on Monday night. But he was second on this team in end zone targets and I think it was third and Red Zone targets. Gabriel Davis had a massive touchdown rate. If Diggs’s endzone targets and overall red zone [unintelligible 00:16:02] go up, he could have a 12-touchdown season and getting closer because I think most people and I do too, have Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill ahead of him. They had massive touchdown upside obviously. I think they both scored, what, 15 and 18 touchdowns, but the difference, if Diggs can get up to 12 touchdowns, he’s going to catch more passes than Tyreek Hill who didn’t even have 90 last year. I think there is a ceiling for him to get to 12 touchdowns and that could push him closer to the wide receiver one with Davante Adams. So, yeah, he’s a second-round selection all drafts and I know he missed a little bit of practice time, but he’s fine. Now he’s practicing in full, he is about as safe as it gets. It’s crazy looking back at that trade how actually much of a win-win it was for both teams.

Colt: Well, at least so far after the first season, we’ll see how your two goes in Minnesota for Jefferson, but maybe we’ll just trade for him in two seasons, and do the same thing– [crosstalk]

Adam: You never know with Brandon Beane, man.

Colt: Yeah. When he’s pissed off at Kirk Cousins too, then he’ll want to come to Buffalo as well. I think those are probably the two easiest identifiable guys that you absolutely, everybody and their brother would be like Allen and Diggs are the guys. And then after that, I think, you’ve mentioned a couple of them already. You’ve got like a trio there of Sanders, Davis, and Beasley are all similar. I think most drafts, I’m seeing it goes Davis and then Beasley and then Sanders. But where would you stand on those guys? Is there one that you like more than the other?

Adam: Depends on the format. In Dynasty, when the Bills brought in Emmanuel Sanders, a lot of people were worried about Gabriel Davis and I said to go trade for him because I believe Beasley is a free agent after this year. Sanders is on a one-year deal. And we saw what Gabriel Davis did as a rookie, he led the team in yards per target and he was a deep threat. They’re all going to play. The Bills run three and four wide as much as any team in football. It’s a huge part of their offense. These guys are all going to be on the field.

In Dynasty, Gabriel Davis is somebody that I’m really, really, really borderline in love with because I’m obviously a Bills fan, so the bias is strong. But Beasley is still really underrated in PPR leagues. Last year, he was the wide receiver 27 in PPR formats, but he’s being drafted out of the top 50 receivers and I get it, he’s not the most exciting player. He just catches his passes and doesn’t do anything crazy on the film, but he’s of obviously benefit as well. I think he’s still going to be the number two target in this offense. I talk about what he did against zone coverage, he averaged the six most yards per route run against zone coverage last year. I think playing time– and we’ve seen like the last two years, the rapport between Beasley and Josh Allen has been great. I still think Beasley’s number two but again, Emmanuel Sanders.

The difference is going to be interesting because John Brown missed a lot of time last year for Buffalo and that’s what really helped Gabriel Davis. Sanders, when he’s on the field, he’s going to operate in the same parts of the field as Beasley, so I’m really interesting to see– and we saw a little bit, but again, Diggs was on the field that preseason game. They’re all going to be guys that you draft towards the end of your draft, but in full PPR, Beasley has the safest floor, Sanders is going to have– look, they’re all going to have weeks. We talk about how much his team’s going to throw, how much they run for a while, they’re all going to have weeks, but I probably rank them Beasley in full PPR– I still expect Sanders to play more than Davis, but I think Davis is upside, he showed it last year. It’s immense and he showed in that preseason game.

For a season or in a draft class, where there’s so many great wide receivers, and yes, he’s not up there with Justin Jefferson and Ceedee Lamb and Tee Higgins, but it just shows how loaded that class was, where Gabriel Davis is the wide receiver seven in that class, and he’s off to a great start in his career.

Colt: I agree with that for the most part. I have it that he’s going to probably end up with the most touchdowns out of that group for sure, but I don’t think yards wise, he’s going to be the one that’s up there. I actually have been very on Sanders that he’s going to have a really good season in this offense. [crosstalk]

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Adam: The Bills love him. They wanted him for a while now.

Colt: Yeah, this is the second year they’ve tried getting him. There’s a reason that they want him there. I think the reason is, as you mentioned, that he is a good route runner as well. All three of these guys are going to be phenomenal route runners, what are you going to do? Are you going to try to man everybody? Are you going to try to sit a zone on everybody? And if you are going to focus on Diggs and you’re going to focus on Beasley, I think that Sanders is going to be that other guy that’s going to get a lot of easy work and it could turn into things. It might not be the touchdowns like I mentioned, but yards wise, Beasley, Sanders, Davis, touchdowns, Davis, Beasley, Sanders would be the way that I would view it, but I agree.

Let’s move into the hottest topic because we know RB1 is QB1. I think we could both agree on that. He’s the max return on value in the running game in this team. But there are two other guys that are going to get drafted and possibly a third guy if Breida sticks around. Where do you stand on Moss and Singletary?

Adam: I like both players. Zack Moss is always going for four or five rounds ahead of Singletary. For me, if you’re going to draft one of them, go for Singletary, because I’ve always said he’s better than a lot of people think, especially a lot of people who are into the fantasy space that love Zack Moss. Again, it’s a small sample, not everybody’s playing. I’m not saying Devin Singletary is one of the best running backs in football, but he’s been one of the best running backs in the preseason so far. It looks like he has more burst, which is something he was working on in the offseason. Again, I understand, like I mentioned, Singletary played the first 15 snaps in that Packers game and didn’t have a single carry.

We know Buffalo is going to be as pass heavy as any team, but it was also more at the same time getting Josh Allen in a rhythm in his first game. Just let Josh start RB play. But Singletary has been, in terms of playing time, the number one running back in the preseason, and then Moss is coming off the injury. But Moss has had issues with injuries during his college career than last year too. Singletary has looked really good. For me if I’m drafting one, it is going to be Singletary, but Zack Moss, if the Bills want to protect Josh Allen and not him run as much, I don’t think it’s going to happen, I think it’s a huge part of their offense and to go on, and that’s why they’re so good in the red zone. And it’s not like Josh Allen at the goal line, inside the five is taking massive hits, especially at his size. It’d be different if they said, “Okay, maybe we’ll limit his running between the 20s,” and whatever. But he’s going to run inside the five, which limits the overall upside of both players. But if I’m drafting the Buffalo running back, it’s whoever’s going the latest draft, and that continues to be Devin Singletary, who I will stress again, is a better football player than most people seem to think he is.

Colt: Yeah. I’m more of a Moss guy myself.

Adam: And that’s totally fair.

Colt: I think it’s going to depend because what I’ve seen a lot so far, the preseason is that they are both almost going to roll them out there, I think every other series again. It looks like they might just do that again. Just be like, “Hey, it’s your turn. You’re out there, let’s go.” But if they can execute this outside zone running game, I think that we could be in good shape, and I think Moss fits that and he’s a little better at that. But like you mentioned, neither one of these guys has enough upside really. As long as you understand what you’re doing, I think, is where I’m at with them. You’re not getting a ton, go and look at what they did last year, and you’re probably going to get something similar to that, maybe an uptick here or there, but I think it’s going to be the same thing. Like you mentioned, we run out there, and yes, it was preseason and they ran heavy the first two games, but there’s nothing that says that this team won’t come out and throw 11 straight passes to start a game and Singletary’s attempts on the field that drive are gone. And then, he’s got to wait a whole another series before he gets out there again and vice versa. I’ve just trended away, staying away from these guys, or late, late flyer on Breida to see if something goes south, somebody is going to play, but it’s a tough backfield for me.

Adam: I remember a couple weeks ago, there were reports and he might not even make the team, but what I saw Breida, he might add a nice dimension to this offense because Moss and Singletary are really elusive backs in terms of breaking tackles, and Singletary more so avoiding tackles, but they don’t have the speed that Matt Breida has.

Colt: Yeah, no speed.

Adam: Especially if Isaiah McKenzie is going to miss time, they can use Breida pre-snap motion, which the Bills use a lot and jet suite like– I think Breida is going to have a role on this team and it’s obviously not going to be massive one, but assuming he makes the team, which it looks like he might now, I think that could be a small factor too. He plays 10 to 12 snaps a game in the backfield.

Colt: I wouldn’t even actually be stunned if they split the series and then he’s the third down role for every series. He’s just the backup for them. I don’t see them getting rid of him. And I’ve heard both sides of it where it’s, well, he’s on a one-year deal this, that and the other. He’s 26. He could be on another one-year deal next year or two years. There’s nothing that says he can’t play in Buffalo for a couple more years.

Adam: Yeah. And as great as the Bills offense is, they don’t really have a ton of speed. It’s McKenzie and Breida–

Colt: He was brought in for a reason. I believe that when they signed him, he was brought– I don’t follow the math and stuff very much, but I think he was like number two in speed overall for running backs or something like that.

Adam: Yeah. Since he emerged in San Francisco a few years ago, he’s been legitimately one of the fastest players in football. So, that dimension, the Bills don’t exactly have that. I think it’s obviously nice to have on top of everything else they have. So, yeah, now I’d be more surprised if he didn’t make the team, which I’m not really mad about. I think he’s looked pretty good as well.

Colt: Yeah, I think especially if we really do get successful in that zone running, if he can get to the edge, that could be the difference-maker that maybe he’s the guy. One last player I want to ask you about, we’re getting close here, is do you flirt with Knox at all in any kind of drafting, anything like that? Where’s he at for you? He’s basically undrafted.

Adam: Yeah, just Dawson Knox, would I be shocked if he put it together this year? The talent is there. I mean, you’re a Bills fan, you’ve watched, he’ll make the one headed incredible catch and then he’ll truck two defenders, next play he’ll drop one right in his chest. I know he’s that that tight end camp in the offseason. If you just look at his like physical profile, there’s a lot of potential there. And the starting position is not great, but I just think there’s other tight ends going right around that range if not being drafted at all that are going to be able to see more consistent targets in their offensive. Dawson Knox at best is the fifth option this offense, and I understand they’re throwing the ball a ton, but he’ll have some touchdowns, he’ll have some really, really impressive plays. For me, I hope he’s really good this year to add another mismatch for the Bills offense than I think he will be really fantasy relevant, but I’m excited to watch him. Again, Zach Ertz watch look like it is officially over, so Dawson– and Jacob Hollister, they like him too. I think it’ll be more of a hopefully, they’re good for real life, but not for fantasy.

Colt: I think Hollister might have a redzone role. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the least [unintelligible 00:27:38] guy catching the ball in the back of the endzone now, a little softer hands probably. But real quick, are the Buffalo Bills back in an AFC Championship? Are they in a Super Bowl? What do you think happens with this team?

Adam: The AFC is still pretty good. You have obviously Patrick Mahomes. I think any team outside of Cincinnati in the AFC North has a shot, honestly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland Baltimore. But I think at the end of the day, top to bottom, I think Buffalo has a better roster than Kansas City, if we’re being honest. But Kansas City, they have Patrick Mahomes, they have Tyreek Hill, they have Travis Kelce. It’s close, but I think Buffalo’s top to bottom roster can make the case as almost as good as anybody in football. So, I’m trying not to be too optimistic, and I’m also not trying to just say, “Okay, we had our one year, and we’re Bills fans, so it’s going to go back down to earth.” But I think the Bills barring injuries, and they were pretty healthy last year, but barring injuries, I think they will be back in an AFC title game. I really do. I just think coaching, play calling, management, you have your quarterback, they don’t really have a weakness. Their defense I think could be a little bit better against the run, but they have Star Lotulelei back, that’ll be nice, Ed Oliver. And it looks like Gregory Rousseau could be the real deal which would be helpful. The secondary is still really good. If you get something from Dane Jackson or Levi Wallace at the number two corner spot, Taron Johnson, I just think top to bottom, their team is loaded. I like Cleveland, I like some of those teams but I’m still sticking with Buffalo.

Colt: I’ve been saying all– I think this is a year that there’s actually like five teams in the AFC that could potentially be going to the Super Bowl, just the way it works out– [crosstalk]

Adam: You could throw Tennessee in there, although their defense scares me, but, yeah, AFC is really good.

Colt: Yeah, Tennessee, Baltimore, Cleveland. Yeah, absolutely. Any one of those teams could potentially be there. I mean, Cleveland almost did it last year, a play away from taking Kansas City down last year, so I think they definitely are in the mix for sure this season.

Adam: Absolutely. I’m excited, man.

Colt: It’s going to be a lot of fun. I think the AFC in general is just a gauntlet of teams. I mean, the top half is loaded. Even the middle tier is pretty tight.

Adam: The Bills themselves have a stretch this year where they go to Tennessee and to Kansas City back-to-back weeks. It’s not easy.

Colt: Yeah, this is not an easy schedule for the Bills. We’re going to really get to see because we’re a division winner, so you have to play all the best teams to be the best again. So, it’s going to be fun. But before we get out of here, Adam, is there anything that you’ve got upcoming, anything over at FTN you’re going to be doing, anything going on that you want to shout out?

Adam: Yeah, just like I said, we’re doing Fade The Chalk pretty much four times a week right now, then once the season starts, the week of week one will be six episodes a week, so check that out on any podcast platform. It’s always a great time, we do DFS, redraft, anything you can think of. And in terms of articles, I’m doing an ADP series where I highlight two players being drafted right around each other and debate which player is the better bet for fantasy. So, the last one I did I believe was Calvin Ridley and DeAndre Hopkins. So, these are always fun because when I’m doing research and preparation for him, I become either higher or lower on a player than I originally was. So, handful more of those this week as drafts are really, really heating up.

Colt: Really awesome stuff. And if you guys aren’t following FTN, there’s a lot of good stuff going on over there besides Adam. And if you’re not watching the show, I’ve had DBro on, Derek is hilarious, if you never tuned in any other shows. He’s got tons of energy. He’s a great dude. It’s a lot of good information, you guys should definitely check that out. All the links to all that stuff will be in the show notes for you guys too, so you can find them. Adam, thanks for coming on, man. Thanks everybody for listening in. Of course, another week in the books. We’re getting close to the season. So, everybody stay safe. I appreciate you guys being here. We wouldn’t have a show if there weren’t people listening. Look forward to the upcoming season. Make sure you guys are on the lookout. There’s going to be some giveaways coming this week. I’m going to be raising some money for a couple charities. We’re going to be jamming out with the play action pools, starting up the contest for the season this week. So, be on the lookout for all that. You can find me over at And of course, go Bills.

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