Colt Schroeder

Hey, what is up, Bills mafia. Welcome in to another episode of the Buffalo nerd. Suppose this is your first time here; thanks for being here if you’ve been here listening to all the other episodes. Thank you. I appreciate you. You are going to love the show today. I got a great guest.

We’ve been talking Bill’s all off-season. There’s a cornerback battle going on. We got a man that played the position. Teaches the position, studies the position. He’s going to talk to us about the position today. So I’m joined by Eric crocker of too many things to list. I’m going to let him talk about what he wants to tell you. Eric, thanks for being here, man. I appreciate it. Why don’t you go ahead and let my listeners know who you are?

Eric Crocker

Amen. I’m getting into a little bit of where I’m from, but it’s talking California, and I don’t know where to start.
But at the end of the day, I’m on different social media platforms talking about football; I guess that’s probably that’s who I am now—someone who loves and is passionate about football.
The position, especially cornerbacks, I really, all teams just being interested in how they go about kind of team building or whatnot, but like my expertise. So is the secondary in general? Yeah. I don’t know why I put myself on the spot. I don’t like talking about myself.

Colt Schroeder

No. It’s okay because we’re going to break it down for you a little bit anyway as we get into it. Cause we’re going to talk about all the different things that Eric’s got going on too. Just cause he’s super good at the game. He’s got a ton of stuff going on where people are watching to learn. You know how people should be watching cornerbacks and training cornerbacks and doing all that kind of stuff. So we’re going to get some fundamental in-depth knowledge on the quarterbacks, and you know what the Buffalo secondary’s all about. So super excited. But before we do that every week on the nerd, we do like the highlight, a charity or organization foundation, something along those lines, somebody that’s just doing good.
And this week, it is just going to be an individual that we’re going to highlight; obviously, Eric chose the individual that we’re going to stress, and that’s Vince Carter from the elevate 2 0 9. That’s local here, Stockton, close to me. I’m in Sacramento. So he’s close to me, but Eric, why don’t you go ahead and just kind of let us know a bit of Vince why you wanted to highlight elevate 209.

Eric Crocker

Man, I’ve been around Vince, just training athletes and whatnot. He taught me in 2015 when I was getting ready for my season with the San Jose SaberCats in the American football league. And from there, I just kind of got drawn to a guy, man, like just his energy, his positive vibes, and everything that he puts out.
Like you see the hard work and all their time and effort that he puts in, not just to, his craft and himself. And to the kids and everybody that he works with. So I ended up training athletes under him for the last, what, five years, and learning, his ways, and stuff.
And now I see a different side to him because of how he is; it looks like the lights and the cameras and all that stuff. But this dude loves it. All kids, man, loves all these kids. Like he’ll give the kids the last, clothes on his back. If he had to do anything that he can do to help the kids, all the kids in Stockton and surrounding areas and whatnot, like pretty much the whole like the central valley.
He’s all for it, man. And somebody with that big of a heart sometimes, I don’t know for whatever reason people. I don’t want to say they talk wrong about him, but some people might think that he makes things about himself, but being around him and knowing who he is and what he does for these kids and how he goes above and beyond to accommodate them.
He’s somebody that definitely should be highlighted for some of the things that he does. And again, it’s it; it doesn’t just stop at training. It’s training athletes, and it’s picking kids up; it’s giving them clothes. It’s whatever he can do. He helped get one kid out of jail, showing up to court.
And he just so happened to know the judge, and it kind of just helped. I would feel vouch for this kid then. All right. We’ll be a little bit more lenient. He goes above and beyond. And if there’s anything that he can do for a child, he will, and it doesn’t just stop there.
He checks on these kids up through their college days. Some of the kids have gone pro. And all that. And so yeah, I see the heart that he has and stuff and just what he’s doing there at elevate 2 0 9 and Stockton. And to me, what it means in that community and all the kids that come through that program is just amazing.
Yeah. It’s super hard for some people to understand that people just do things because they care about doing it. They don’t, and they’re not looking for the limelight. They’re just looking to do it because they enjoy doing it and it, and that brings them enough joy. So they don’t need all the extra stuff.

Colt Schroeder

So that’s very cool. Very cool. Vince. And I’m familiar with the area; obviously, I’ve been here in Sacramento for 13 years now; Stockton’s not the greatest of places at all times. So it’s tough for some of those kids to get out of there and stuff. So it’s fantastic. Oh, no, I can’t let you talk bad about my son.
I’m not saying it’s terrible. I know.
I know. That’s nice.

Eric Crocker

It has this harmful kind of context to it and whatnot. But I think that people from Stockton, man, are very proud people and many things going on there. So grow up around it, you see it, and you understand something, and it is fantastic to see people like Vince or, myself, my boy D graves.
Many people work to try to give back and help kids in the community in any way possible. And so yeah, we gotta, we got to give stock to more love now because it needs it, and it goes through these times where it’ll be doing good, then next thing you know, Tim murders in 10 days or something crazy.
And is we, it is people like Vince, like my boy, Derek graves, like by the people in that area that Lavelle, he’s a former NFL player played like seven years. Yeah. NFL. He does a whole lot to give back to the youth. Develop outlets. My guy, Tim brown, all there’s a bunch of there’s too many guys name, but they all work to help improve 2 0 9.
And how people viewed 2 0 9 because you’re right. It is considered to be a place. That’s not that great. And I’m not talking about it.

Colt Schroeder
I got friends that live down there, and Hey, they got the Ports they got hockey. So a lot is going on. And realistically, so it’s an excellent spot, and I’m cool. So I’m down for shouting out what he’s doing down there because that’s what this is truly all about.
Things are happening in your backyard where people are doing amazing things, and it’s cool to highlight those people when we can. And we get, we can do that with a little bit of our time. So shout out to Vince Carter down there. We’ll make sure all of his contact and everything is in the show notes.
So you guys can check out what he’s doing. You talked about a bit of bit that you’re like learning from him. So that kind of takes us into some of the other stuff that you’re doing. So you played college, you did some NFL, you now are training, right? So you’ve got rise athletics. So you’re sitting in your building right now where you train.
And then we’ve got the crocker report. We got Crock talk; we got Crock TV. We got, I have I named them all. I’m not sure, but it’s all centered around the cornerback. So it’s a mass, these things.

Eric Crocker
Not locked in the 49ers

Colt Schroeder
and locked on 49ers. I left that one out. So that one is the last one I missed.
Tell me a bit of that. How’d you do all these things? What drove you?

Eric Crocker
Man, the crazy thing is, I started posting clips of planes on Twitter, and I would record the play on my phone and then break down what I see to the best of my ability to the best of my knowledge.
Like just. This is why this happened, right? The quarterback just kind of drifted a little bit upfield. Look at his hips. They’re turned upfield. He’s not reading down; the receiver stops. He keeps going upfield, and this is why it is something that can be fixed if he fixes his eyes or he slows down here.
His mental speed, right? So I call it the time clock. So if you slowed down the time clock, then he’s reading them down. He’s more comfortable. The receiver stops. He stops because reading it down. So I would just point things out like that. And people were like, whoa, man, this is the greatest thing ever.
And this was before. People were posting any breakdowns or clips to V to Twitter. And it seems like now it feels like there’s something that’s been going on forever, but it hasn’t because I was doing that in 2016 or in that area. And nobody was posting clips and stuff like the video breakdown and things on Twitter, and that’s newer.
So a lot of people gravitated to it. And next thing you know, people reached out to me to be a part of maybe some of their platforms and whatnot. I wasn’t interested in writing articles or anything. I’m like, man, if you want to talk for a while, I can talk football all day. But writing articles, I’m not doing that.
But my guy Dylan Simone. He had a good background, and he was like, Oh, don’t worry about the writing part. Like you can write it out, I’ll fix it, produce it, put it out there, and it’ll look good. So I wrote for him and next thing, one thing led to another I’m writing the articles.
People are reading it. I’m like, wow. A thousand people read this. Wow. Two thousand people, 3000 people, read an article that I wrote alright. And then one thing led to another; we ended up getting credentialed. So Dylan and I were credentialed to go to 49ers training camp practices. And then from there, it that kind of legitimize me.
And I don’t want to say the media because I don’t look at myself as a media member. I look at myself that like loves football and loves to talk about football, but I got to be a member of it—the 49ers media, whether it was training camp. And the 2019 Superbowl round, I went to four or five home games as a member of the media in the press media box.
I’m there in the post-game, press conferences, and stuff. The more I talk about football, though. The more I’m I look into these breakdowns, and I’m doing all these breakdowns, and I try to do it a different way. I see people all the time; they’ll post something. Like, I see this all the time, and it irks me, but it would be a play from, let’s say, a Stefan Diggs, right?
Like Stefan Diggs, he’ll cook a DB, and then somebody is Stefan Diggs is good. So that’ll give a little break, and I’m like, what do we like? Do we know that how he is getting? So with my evaluations, a lot of times, I try to dig deeper. But to, to a point to where anyone can understand it, you could show your son your ten-year-old son, one of my breakdowns, and he can read my texts and.
Understand exactly what I’m saying, what this guy is doing good or where he can improve. So I tried to bring a that different perspective to it. And I did that long enough to where many people started taking notes, and next thing, my following just started getting bigger and bigger.
So that’s what led to everything that I do now.

Colt Schroeder
That’s awesome. That’s a, and it’s incredible. I go and watch the videos and stuff too, as we were getting ready to do this, it’s cool breakdowns. I enjoy it. If you enjoy football, you’ll like it. And if you want to know what’s going on more profound than just the dude said, he can you throw a pass?
If you care to know more than that, then watch some of this stuff because it’s.

Eric Crocker
And not just that, but like in a way to wear it, because there are some things that people put out there and it’s man, but this is boring. Like how you’re presenting it, it’s just too much, like too many Xs and not X’s.
And O’s, cause that stuff, is intriguing to some people, but sometimes it’s you guys getting a little too complicated, like a little too, like I said, I try to see like it’s a little too cute instead of just let’s get quick, straight to the point, but in a way. Anybody can understand precisely what it is.
And I think that’s what that w that’s what kind of help has helped me build my platform a little bit, just my delivery. And because of my experience playing, when I’m talking about this, I’m talking about how. Is making this guy feel, whether it’s a defensive back or this receiver this is why, and this is why I understand this, or this is why this is always going to be difficult for this type of guy because of his movement skills, because of the way his body is built.
Because if you have a Cole Beasley in his slot, but you have a Richard Sherman. Why is that tough? Match-up not just because Richard Sharman struggles with smaller receivers is that no, Richard Sherman 63, his movements are more extended for everyone style. One strike from Richard Sherman goes Beasley takes three to help them cope easily with his changing direction.
That’s why it will be a little bit more difficult for Richard Sherman to cover a guy like that or any guy in this lot. So that’s just an example, but that’s the way I try to put things so people can understand the why’s behind them. So, no, that’s perfect.

Colt Schroeder
That’s a great explanation of it too.
And you think about it cause it’s Twitch and things like that. So those guys have to anticipate and understand the play right before they know what they’re going to do before they’re doing it because they know they’re going to be two steps behind the guy they’re sometimes covering. So I’m curious, I, you cover the 49ers.
On the lockdown 49ers podcast, and you’re a cornerback. So I figured you’re a guy that can give me an assessment of the quarterback situation in San Francisco. I’m just curious about it. What do you, where do you stand on it right now? Is it Jimmy G, or is the rookie going to get there?

Eric Crocker
Ooh, so here’s the tricky thing, man. And I think we all have ours. Opinions of Jimmy Garappolo, but ultimately Jimmy grappler is someone who you can win with. And I firmly believe that we’d grow up a little as a starting quarterback. You are comfortable with him starting now. The ceiling might not be very high, right.
But the four also isn’t very low. And then his down moments, I think he’s played well enough to win games; his most significant issue is he hasn’t been available enough. Two out of the three years, he’s missed the majority of the game. Last year, he only finished three games. That’s not 2018.
When he tore his ACL, he only finished two games. That’s not ideal. So you’re talking about between those two seasons, six games might have 32 or 26 games that Shanahan is playing, where Jimmy Garappolo doesn’t finish the game. That’s not ideal for any head coach. And that has led to a lot of work that has led to the 49ers having to trade the house for a guy like Trey lands right now, looking at the situation where it’s at now.
I think Jimmy Garappolo, he’s a solid quarterback, and we know what we’re going to get. But, again, it might not be a super high level, but he has a particular ability to function with it—the context of an offense that’s created for him. You got drafted a guy like Trey. Lance is not to be someone where, oh, you got to make an office that works explicitly for him.
That’s for most guys, but can you get a guy that can play above the Xs and O’s? And I think that’s why you get a guy like Trey Lance because now he has all the physical capabilities that you would like from a quarterback. Everything that’s coming out of 4,900 North Dakota State. Everything you hear from anything that you listened to is really about how sharp a young man trained Lance is and his ability to pick up all the responsibility he had on him at North Dakota State.
And you start to see how that kind of comparer matches with what college hand-in-hand wants to do or what he’s capable of doing with this attic. Ability. And that’s what gets you excited by the trailers now before you guys are in an interesting position because they don’t have to rush to get them on the field.
But I do think there is a scenario where you could just show enough. And I think if it’s even close to being, even in training camp, which I’d expect Jimmy, it’s come on Jimmy. So the fourth year in the offense, I’d expect Jimmy to grumble. It’d be. Yeah, but if it’s remotely close, there’s a chance.
There’s a chance they go with the young guy. And I think what the. Probably if that’s the case, the best thing they could hope for is a starting quarterback. Someone else, somewhere else, gets hurt, and they can ship Jimmy off because nobody wants to have $27 million sitting on the bench. Right?

Colt Schroeder
Absolutely. It’s a good assessment.
He’s the; he’s the veteran player. So you can assume that he’s going to be able just to come in and be ready to play in that system. And I don’t think he’s a terrible quarterback. I agree with that. I think he’s capable of winning, especially with these wide receivers and the offense he’s going to have.
It’s a good offense. So I think that’s cool. So real quick, with that being said, Who wins the NFC West.

Eric Crocker
we, the Homer in me, want to say 49ers, but I’m going to exclude the 40 Niners here. I’m going to go with the ramps just because you have a team that’s I believe they lost their DP as a coordinator, but, number one defense in the league, and you match that up with the quarterback that they just traded for Matthew Stafford.
I think the world of Matthew Stafford and his ability, and I take just even with him and how he’s viewed new, as you can overcome. Playing on a bat roster and elevate that if you’re a perfect quarterback, but it’s challenging, almost impossible to elevate a lousy organization. I think that’s what he was struggling with within Detroit, trying to elevate a terrible organization that had an inadequate organizational structure. He can’t do it, but you go to the round.
And now there’s a lot of structure in place. You’ve had the same quarterback. You got the same head coach. That’s been there for four years. It made the playoffs three out of four years. I haven’t had a losing season. You have terrific weapons around him. That will be consistent with, shoot, you got Cooper cup, you got Robert Woods.
Then you add other guys like Deshaun Jackson to our well, and there’s another guy I’m missing. There’s a fifth guy, but now you guys are weapons. And then the one thing missing this whole time, Aside from missing a defense in Detroit, but you have to run game, man. You have to run a game, and you have an offensive coordinator that plays off of run action a whole lot.
And I think that’s going to help. Matthew Stafford a ton and somebody who I think has all the ability in the world. So if I had to choose one team, excuse me, my 49ers, I’m going to go with w with the rounds because I like a lot of what they’re doing, but even then, the Seahawks, they got the boogeyman over there and Russell Wilson.
He’s just always good, no matter what. And even when. You look at their roster, and their roster probably isn’t as good as the 49ers roster shoot. Probably not as good as the car, though. They might have the worst roster in the division, but as long as they got Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, they’re just always going to be extremely difficult to beat.
That’s the team. I want to say them, but it’s just man; I think I liked the Rams a little more.

Colt Schroeder
I agree. I, that I’d have that almost identical breakdown, Rams 49ers, Seattle, Arizona is the way I have it. I think Seattle will manage to pull something together, but I think it’s 49ers and Rams, and it’s Rams because it will have some wind underneath those sails.
He hasn’t had this kind of freedom to escape everything he was holding up just to come and play football for a long time. So it’s going to be exciting to see, Hey. The next thing I wanted to ask you, and I’m wondering if maybe it is on the Rams, is who do you think is the best cornerback in the league right now?

Eric Crocker
Ooh. Man man, I’m going to, I don’t know why I have to think too hard about it, but I’m going to go with Patrick, my home. And it says of just if there were a draft and you said the cornerback,

Colt Schroeder
I want to know who you think the cornerback is, CB. Who’s the best CBMC. That’s what I was wondering.
I figured you might be staying with the Rams. That’s why I brought it up to Jane and ranging.

Eric Crocker
Yeah yeah. And this is why, because it’s more than just. What it looks like on the field. Like what goes into being a great cornerback, a lot of it is your mindset. As a cornerback, that’s a position where I’d assume.
PFF grades go up and down with that position too, to a certain extent, maybe not move too much, but yeah, you can have certain moments where it’s not that great. And then I have to look at what is this guy tasked with? What does the team he put on his shoulders? Some corners stay on one side.
Some corners play a ton of the zone. And then there are guys like Jalen Ramsey, who does it all. He can play on his own. He can follow the receiver. He can play zone with him, following him. He gets shadow. Guys. He can get up and guys like a treat, kill his face and play press, man. And I talked about the movement skills where somebody is taller than having a guard, somebody that’s smarter. But, still, Jalen Ramsey doesn’t seem to care because he covers all different types of sizes of receivers.
And I love his attitude, man. He has a little sass to them, a little sassy anise, but he’s going to, he’s going to approach the game the same way. He probably, I would have to guess if you pulled receiver. They probably hate garden going up against him more than anybody else, just because of how you know, he’s going to talk, he’s going to be chippy.
He’s going to do things after the play. He’s going to do all these little things. It’s going to make all these little slit comments about the way he looks, the way he carries himself, the way he walks, and for all the reasons why they probably do not like going against him and maybe something to look forward to the challenge of it.
But for all those reasons, that’s why I love him just because of the way he carried himself. Probably the exact reason why other fan bases can’t stand Patrick. Absolutely.

Colt Schroeder
Yeah. He’s called shutdown for a reason, right? Cause that’s what he does; no matter who he’s against, he tends to shut them down.
You can’t expect a cornerback to stop everybody every week. But, all, these guys are getting paid on the other side too. He’s a phenomenal cornerback. I think Trey white is up there near; that makes I wouldn’t call him number one by any stretch, but he’s a top three, probably the minimum, top five for me.
Would you agree with?

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Eric Crocker
Yeah, he’s up there. They utilize him slightly differently, which reminds me not to the same extent, but like Richard Sherman, right? Richard Sherman was always viewed as this for you sits in cover three, and I’m like yes, technically it’s covered three, but it was like some fires on the steps.
So he had a lot of man principles built into his defense that he was running. You’d see a lot of PA Richard. I’m playing at the line of scrimmage a lot, playing a lot of press. There were just certain things that he didn’t have to carry. All right. But when you look at, you look at your guy and one, I was high on David is white coming out of college.
He was my corner. He was my CB one in that class. And there were many people like safety, one, like two David’s white. And I’m like, yeah, I love his versatility. Like inside. I was there for the playoff. He played press. Like I live this fluid movement and everything. So I was watching them, and I’m like, man, there’s a lot too.
About these kids who David is white, but everybody was so infatuated with the Marshall and Adam wars and stuff. And those guys dare Gary and Conley and those guys, but I liked your David’s wife. So you see everything playing out, and I think the way they utilize him, they do an excellent job of mixing it in many quarters.
I think you guys do play to get them out of too high, at least to my knowledge of what I’m picturing in my head right now. So I think he has a master plan on his own. And when he has been asked to match up with guys, I think he makes them work there. There was a game. A couple of years ago now, maybe where he was guarding Deandre Hopkins.
And it wasn’t pretty, but I don’t look at that type of outcome in a sense that Deandre Hopkins went however many yards here. I know he caught the ball downfield on them. I know they called PII on him or something downfield, and everybody looks at the result of the playbook. Is he challenging Deandre Hopkins? Forget the outcome of it.
Does he look like he belongs, like Deandre Hopkins, he’s going to get his butt? It’s the corner of challenging to him, and a guy like David is white, who I think is viewed more as a zone corner if he has most people around the league, but to see him the way he can. Against Deandre Hopkins in that role showed his versatility.
I thought he had coming out and just as fluid movements, his brakes getting into average brakes, braking, breaking on passes from off coverage, getting interceptions. Choose the aggressiveness that he plays with the savvy smarts he plays with, allowing him to jump routes or read concepts and everything like that.
That’s tremendous. And I definitely would say you’d have to be a top-five corner, and I try to look at it like this. If there was a draft today, and you’re only drafting corners, how many corners would you take ahead of today’s white? And I couldn’t imagine somebody—five corners over here. So I just don’t see that at all.

Colt Schroeder
And good corners are playing right now, but he’s one of the best. So now that we’ve established that we’ve got a perfect guy on one side of the field, right? The big problem all off-season for Bill’s fans has been, we didn’t address the other side of the ball. So we’re just bringing back Dane Jackson and Levi Wallace to me.
This was one of those things where those guys are good enough to play across from him, especially if your front does what it’s supposed to. So looking at the other two over there, these guys are in the NFL, so they are good at what they do. But if you had to choose one of our, Matt had a knock on one of them or a reason why one of them might Excel over the other.
Who would you select to CBS?

Eric Crocker
Oh, probably. Levi Wallace and, he has the experience. He will not be meant to splash, play a whole lot, or anything like that. And I think he’s a little limited with really just like his like good vertical speed. He’s not the fastest of guys buying a thinking system that allows him to play a little more quarters and playoff.
I think he can do okay there. I think a lot of people think. Every corner is supposed to look like David is white, or every corner is supposed to be like Jalen Ramsey. And it’s a man; you need somebody on the other side. So that’s just not going to be a big-time liability. And I think when you look at it like that again, Levi Wallace, he, I watched him against the 49ers last year.
He, it was a challenging game out there. You had Brendan, I, you have in his way a little bit. But, just in general, when you watch a guy like him, can he more times than not be the issue. And I think if so, that’s what I almost ask the most, you can ask, by a corner opposite of someone.
That’s great, but just don’t be a big-time liability, and I don’t think he’s at, so Dan, we’ll see, he’s still young, and we’ll see how he continues to develop. But with Levi Wallace, I feel like I’d be comfortable. I have to start him. I’d be okay with that. Knowing I don’t expect him to look like trivia is white, and there are not many guys that are going to look like, should they be white?
And then sometimes that’s the challenging part. When you are a fan of a team, we got this great guy, and we just get somebody like his opposite. And it’s it doesn’t work right.

Colt Schroeder
Yeah. That’s spot on for me. I, to me, think it’s Wallace, just because of the familiarity. You’re now talking about bringing back your entire four on the back end for another season of playing with each other.
That can’t hurt right. He was having the camaraderie and understanding how you guys work and what you’re going to do. And I agree with Levi; even in that game against San Francisco, he’s still making those guys when he is getting beat. It’s not like he’s getting beat for one huge play, and it’s a touchdown.
He’s given up 12 yards. He’s given up seven yards. He gives up 20 yards. He gives up four yards. He makes them work through it. So I agree. And I’m hoping that Dane Jackson can Excel, and I wouldn’t be disappointed if he did. So Levi Wallace is right this season. But we’ll see. But to me, it’s not just what it’s across from him.
It’s what’s behind him. He’s got Poitier, and he’s got hide behind him as well, who I consider to be, if not the best. And I’m not even saying that as a Homer, I genuinely believe that if there, if you’re not going to call them the best, they’re top two, three max. So what do you think about the back end of the day?

Eric Crocker
Oh, I love it. Cause it covers guys. And I feel like they fit the league today. Suppose I were a DV as a coordinator or a team, a general manager. In that case, I’d get guys that are more like them that have experienced playing more at corner at nickel and then put those types of guys with that type of ability at safety to where now they can use their fluidness and athleticism to be able to make plays, especially if they have the smarts like that.
That’s what I would like to see. So, Poyer, I remember, Where I went to Oregon State, was drafted by the
Browns. I believe that’s yeah; the Browns drafted him. Yep.
And I want to say coming out; he played corner. They made that transition to safety. I believe—same thing with higher. I remember high playing kind of a hybrid role with a green bay playing lifestyle.
I was amazed when they let them go. But then to see the success that they’ve had with Buffalo. I’m not surprised because of the type of coverage ability they have. And that’s where the game is going today. You do the times of having this big stiff with safety. That’s not; it’s tough because the game is more open now is more spread.
You can’t strike guys if they lay on the ground for a second and hold your head; the flag comes out. But I think, ideally, you want guys that have more natural coverage ability. I think those two safeties are two of the best in the league. They give you them as a tenant. Yeah.

Colt Schroeder
And the ability to come down into the box too, both of them can come down in the box, and they’ll hit you in the backfield if they need to as well. And they just together on the field, they just, it feels so good. It almost feels like it’s impenetrable with them back there at some points in time, which is just as a fan.
It’s incredible. But it just, when you stop thinking about how much skill it takes for them to communicate just with hand signals and be in all the right places and do all those things, it’s pretty exciting. So very cool. So let me ask you then, just as Bill’s defense is pretty much going to be the same.
We brought some new guys back on the front end. The offense is pretty much the same, minus John Brown replaced him with Emmanuel Sanders. So what do you think the bills are going to do this season? Are they a division winner? Are they back in an AFC championship?

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Eric Crocker
I believe that they’re up there right now, the AFC championship.
That’s going to be tough because you got Kansas city, and they’re penciled in a little bit. You assume that the Patriots are going to start to make a comeback a little bit, right? They’re not going to be a team that goes seven and nine again. There are 17 games this year, but the bills have to be right up there.
And I like a lot of what they’ve done or even what they have definitively. But I want to see them be a little bit more consistent throughout the year defensively. That was the one thing where they had a slow start, wasted, visibly, and then they started to get a little bit better and got some guys back and whatnot.
But it’s the offense. And this is what I’m worried about. This is the one thing I’m concerned about. Can this. Take a little bit off of Josh Allen’s shoulders, right? Or a little bit off of his plate. Cause you have a guy, he’s the dude we, are we going to ask him every game to drop back and just throw the ball all-around one in his mouth, and he’s still a gunslinger.
So it’s you want to live—the opportunity for him to do a kind of reckless play. We know what type of ability he has, and he can do those things, but can we lean and lean a little bit on the run game? And that’s what I want to see before I penciled them in as a team that’s just guaranteed to get back.
I like a lot what the culture is doing. I think that’s the team that’s going to challenge Buffalo; you, look, you look at a team like the coach, and they just got Carson wins, and what’s Carson wins is going to have that. He hasn’t had really in a while with Philadelphia; he’s going to be able to turn around and hand and the ball off to young Jonathan Taylor and some of those guys that are explosive. And then now he has weapons around him. The opposite line of coolant. They built a defense can Buffalo. Do some of those same things with Josh Allen, to where everything doesn’t have to always be on his shoulders, and he could play more off of the run and then pass the ball.
I watched it. Was it the playoff? They ran the ball. He threw the ball like 20, 22 consecutive times, and started the game. And I just kept thinking like, oh, they’re going to run the ball. Nope. Like those running back out, I know they lost two running backs, but can they get good? Was it Seattle?
Can they get right at the running back position where they can take a little bit take a load off of Josh Allen and shoulders? And I don’t know what they do. To get better at the running back position. Hopefully, I know that getting healthy would help, but that would be the biggest thing for me.
Take a little bit off of his plate, meaning a little bit more on the run game and then let him play off of that and create something. So from that standpoint, I think you’ll see even a better version of Josh out on if they do that. And he was an MVP candidate last year.

Colt Schroeder
Yeah. I liked that assessment because, for me, it’s I do believe we’re going to be up there, but the AFC is stacked.
I, I, a hundred percent agree with it. I think the Browns could challenge. I think the Colts can challenge Tennessee could very well challenge again; it’s going to be tough to get through there. You’re going to have a good season, and you’re going to have to be productive. So with all that said, do you still think it’s Kansas City.
Overall, or do you think somebody is capable of taking them down there?

Eric Crocker
I think it’s, until somebody proves it, just wipe them out of the AFC. I think you have to go with Kansas City just because they got one of the best quarterbacks in the league. They got an explosive and talented offense.
It sounds like I saw a report today that says Michael harmony will be the wide receiver to him. He’s an explosive guy opposite to regale. And then obviously Travis, Kelsey, we’ll see if they. But, hey, to everybody talked about in the super bowl. Oh, I’m patching my home’s; he’s running around and save his life.
And I’m like, why don’t you? Okay. You got some office alignment out, whatever, but why don’t you run the ball? You’re running backs, averaging like six yards of Gary, might give the ball to him. And they, too, need to maybe sometimes take a little bit off of their quarterback’s plate.
Sometimes when you have these highly talented quarterbacks, you just want to utilize him and just throw the ball around, and doing that is what got them to the super bowl. But at some point, you have to come back down to earth and okay. So let’s keep a team off balance a little bit instead of having Patrick Mahone’s running for his life the whole game.
So I, I think it’s still there. But, yeah, some teams are going to start, nipping at their heels a little bit. I liked that you brought up the Browns. That’s the team that just seems like they continue to get stronger, and if they can keep Odell Beckham healthy for a year, we’ll see a lot of people were writing them off, but keep him healthy for a little bit.
I think that’s something that I can make even more dangerous. And what do they mean on that run game, right? With those two backs. And in a lot of heavy play action with a, what just shipped fantasy or whatever the name is. He’s been doing that. You got Odell explosive and Landry that works in the middle of the fields and all that.
And in their defense. So there’s a lot to like with them as well. Yeah. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I think the AFC will be this year, and the bills are going to have a great season. A, they got a lighter schedule, so hopefully, that’ll help, but it’s the NFL. It’s one of those things where I feel like any season anybody could win, and for Kansas City, they’re the team.

Colt Schroeder
I think it’s going to be harder for them because they have the pressure of staying up there. Everybody else just gets to try and go and get them. But, so thanks for hanging out with me, Erica, as we’re getting ready to close out here; anything you want to shout out anything you’s got coming up?
Any, anything that you want to
put out there?

Eric Crocker
Oh man, you guys just make sure you guys follow me on Twitter at Eric on the score. Cracker. I am not a Beatles fan, but I just love talking football on everything. So you guys at me, even if you have questions about Buffalo or any other team that might be in the AFC East, I’d be glad to answer any questions.
So follow me on Twitter at Eric. Check out my YouTube channel. There is content on there, but I try to get to everything else. I just have such a big 49 following that. So take over my channel a little bit, but I love talking about other teams. So I, if you guys can throw some topics about another group, was wrapped Buffalo at me.
So I can talk about that on my channel. I would love that. So that’s crop talk TV, and I just partnered with an underdog fantasy. So that’s something cool. If you guys are interested in fantasy football, we’re going to have many tournaments and things like that. Some different leagues and things.
So if you guys want to get involved with that, sign up on the underdog fantasy. Put in promo code Crocky that’s Crocky C R O C K Y. And choose when you deposit at least $10; you get an extra $25 by using my promo code. Yeah, man, that’s it?

Colt Schroeder
Yeah, just a little bit, just a couple of things; nothing is happening with this guy.

Eric Crocker
My Patreon accounts, I got a Patreon account where I break down a lot of collegiate athletes and even players, if you want to go back, guys probably don’t care about guys now because they’re probably not on your team, but all the, especially the top prospects coming out of college, I break down their film and do a little bit more deep digging dig deep into really what makes them suitable or what they might struggle with.
A lot of the top receivers are mainly receiver and defensive backs. So do a lot of our process breakdowns on those prospects as well. So that’s a crop talk talk. Yeah, Patreon CrockTalk YouTube CrockTalk Twitter at Eric and the score Crocky. I appreciate the support. And when you, when
you go there; you can also get us.

Colt Schroeder
Yeah, all this stuff will be in the show notes, all the links to all of his property, but then you’ll get a crocker report. You can check out rise, athletics, his training center, sitting in right now, and all that kind of stuff. So Eric, thanks a lot for hanging out with me, man. You’re a busy guy.
Shout out again to Vince Carter down on the 2 0 9 mean; you guys will get to get linked up with him as well, but thanks for your time today. Also, SHout out Bills the mafia out there. Thanks for being here. Love you guys. Everything I’m up to you guys can find over at the Buffalo nerd, be safe.
Let’s have fun this season and go bills.


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