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Colt: Hey, what is up, Bills Mafia? Welcome into another episode of the Buffalo Nerd. This is your home for Buffalo Bills football coverage with a charity on top. If this is your first time being here, thank you. I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you found me. You came at a good time. If you’ve been listening, you’ve been following along, you’re appreciated too. Glad you’re back. So, it’s going to be an awesome show today. We’re going to spin things up a little bit because the season’s about to take off. Bills rookies reported today. So, I wanted to get a little different perspective on things, instead of the X’s and O’s and all that kind of stuff. Let’s talk about the players and some of these guys are fighting for jobs, basically.

Today, we’re going to be joined by Ally Redig of Athlete Relations. She actually is the founder of this and started a very cool thing that she’s going to tell us about today. She gets to interact with people that we all probably are like, “Man, I would love to do that.” Before we get too far into this, Ally, why don’t you take the floor and introduce yourself, let my audience know who you are?

Ally: Sure. Well, thanks for having me. This is super fun. Like you said, I’m Ally. We started Athlete Relations about three years ago now. I’ve been in the industry for almost 10, which is crazy. We specialize in lifestyle management. So, handling all off-field tasks from calendar management to event management and everything in between, for the players themselves or working with them directly, their families, their circle, whoever falls in that family category for them. Just making sure their life runs smoothly. Our whole tagline is letting them worry about their on-field tasks and workouts and everything like that. We handle everything off-field and everything to get them to live that fun sports superstar life.

Colt: Right. That’s what everybody thinks it is. It’s just this big superstar, like, there’s no grind behind it, they don’t deal with day to day–

Ally: Yeah.

Colt: Life’s even more challenging when you’re busy traveling on the road all the time, and you’re expected to be here in this, that and the other. It’s a job that’s always moving. Not that we don’t all deal with it in our own lives, but these guys deal with on a much higher level. They’re competing for positions that only exist for so many people, and everybody’s trying to get them.

Ally: Yeah.

Colt: Before we dive too much into that, and I want to find out a little bit more about what brought you to starting this whole Athlete Relations stuff. We’re going to chat up for charity, like we always do. You got to choose the charity this week. Very cool. I think everybody’s going to know this one, unfortunately. But, also, fortunately, because they’re pretty well known, and they’ve been around a long time. But we’re going to chat up MADD. It’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Why don’t you tell me why you chose them and why you wanted to highlight them?

Ally: Yeah, for sure. I’ve talked a lot about different women in sports charities, and different foundations, I guess you would say is the right word, that get back to young girls and sports and things and talk a lot about that but I like to put personal touches on things. About almost five years ago now, my cousin was killed by a drunk driver, and it was something that changed my family’s outlook on everything, but it changed all of us physically, mentally. It was just a horrible experience to go through. Mothers Against Drunk Driving was something that my aunt, his mom, got to throw herself into, and really give back to that community, and we do the walk every year and raise money for them every year, because it is something that we’ve unfortunately seen firsthand how beneficial that they can be.

For a family that is grieving through something so tragic, it’s a great resource to have. Unfortunately, like we always say, it’s a family and a circle, you never want to be a part of, but if you are, you’re fortunate to have people that can help you and guide you through that process of grieving and everything like that. So, they have been so great with us, and we try to get back with them as much as I can, and as much as my family can. So, I figured it was a good one to highlight.

Colt: That’s awesome. Unfortunately, that’s how most people find out about things. It really gets dropped right in front of them. But on the flip side of that, it’s incredible that there’s an organization there waiting. When you when you look up, it’s like, “Oh, there is people that have been here through this stuff already.” They have resources, they have things available to help you out, and they’re everywhere. This isn’t an organization that’s just in this one town over here. This is an organization that’s everywhere, and they’ve been around forever. As a high schooler growing up, you hear about MADD. That’s kind of stuff that they’ve been around doing and trying to change the way that people view these things.

Ally: Yeah.

Colt: Very cool. We haven’t highlighted them yet this year. Awesome. It’s another cool organization, which is very cool. That’ll make number 25 on the year that we’re getting the highlight. And like we always do, everything will be in the show notes for you guys to easily connect to them. It’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving or just madd.org is an easy way to get to them as well. If you just want to check that out for resources, if you have friends that have recently had to go through some things, yeah, they’ve probably heard about it, but maybe they just need another little nudge to head over there and check it out. Very cool organization.

Like I mentioned at the top a little bit, we’re going to change it up a little bit this week, because I think you’ve got a unique perspective. But before we really dive into your perspective, what brought on Athlete Relations? Like, Ally was just hanging out one day, and she’s like, “Yeah, you know what?” Or, was this a master plan? What happened here?

Ally: I wouldn’t say it was a master plan. I think it was definitely something that took a lot of see– it’s almost like being hit in the face of the same thing over and over again, and then you’re finally like, “Oh, this is something that needs to happen.” I worked at a few different sports agencies and marketing agencies and things before I started Athlete Relations. The common theme that I was really seeing was how many of these guys specifically that I was working with at the time just didn’t have really somebody to turn to that they could– whether it’s just bounce an idea off of or have something handled, and they were turning to either the wrong people or their wives and girlfriends and stuff were taking care of it or family members, it’s not their job. There were so many situations where it, like I said, just kept hitting me in the face, like, this is something that’s a need. And it was the job that I had, specifically at these different agencies, was working with– I was head of athlete relations at one and I was in the client services department and another and all these different ways of working with the guys and like I said, their families and everything one on one.

It wasn’t until, I’ll never forget this, I was watching a game and there was an old client or whatever, but someone that got injured, and he was out for the season. Super, super bad injury. The city that he was playing in, he didn’t have any family and his family was not able to– his parents were a little older, they weren’t able to come out and he didn’t have any siblings. His financial advisor ended up flying out and staying with him for like months. I was, like, “So, wait. Then, who’s managing your money? You can’t be working solely from your condo, or whatever it was for that long.” Obviously, I’m not going to be the person who can stay with them, but there are nurses, there are people we can get your groceries delivered, or whatever it is that you felt like you need help with. It was just my aha moment of like, “They don’t know where to go, that’s the problem. They have no one to turn to.”

Whether it is something as big as a season-ending injury or something like that that you just need help, figuring out where to go and have some extra help outside of what the team is obviously providing as far as rehab and things, to day-to-day stuff, just being able to help them with, “Hey, I need help with this. I don’t know who to go to.” A lot of these guys get taken advantage of unfortunately. People see NFL, they see money, they see whatever it is that they want to get an Instagram post or a picture out of, and take advantage of them. I’m not for that at all. I’m the first person to be standing between my client and somebody else, saying, “Back up.”

I was definitely, like, “This needs to change. We have to start being able to help these guys and make sure that they’re taken care of,” because it was very obvious that they were not being taken care of at the time.”

Colt: This is big money, and this is big money for people that a lot of times have not had the exposure to big money. I think the best piece of this is a neutral party. Just somebody that has no skin in the game other than just giving you their best feedback that they can give you. This is what I would do based on my knowledge. I don’t have any side to this, it’s not going to change anything for me. That’s very cool.

You’ve been doing for, you said three years now by yourself right as Athlete Relations. About how many athletes do you work with currently, have worked with? What’s that like?

Ally: Through Athlete Relations, we’ve probably worked with about 30 at this point, which is awesome, especially during COVID. I’m very honest about it, there was no growth during COVID. Everyone was very scared that the end of the season wasn’t going to happen. Everyone was being very protective, rightfully so of their money, and just making sure that everything was buttoned up before they could agree to anything.

For being a small business, making it through a pandemic, and all these other small businesses that unfortunately closed, just to make it through that was amazing. To say that we’ve at this point worked with 30 clients in that capacity, at any given point, that rotates based on their needs, whether they’re in the league anymore or out of the league anymore, it rotates. So, I don’t think that there’s ever going to be like a set number that we always have. But most of the clients that that we’ve started with from day one have stayed on. If they’re active, we’re active kind of thing, we always say. It’s nice to know that our work is being valued, and it’s something that they see the value in as well.

For me, I’m going to keep working with as many as we can and keep growing my team to be able to help those guys. But it’s definitely a really good group of guys that we’ve gotten to work with for sure.

Colt: It sounds like your services are pretty much just tailored to whatever anybody needs. Like, “This is all we can do for you.” I’m sure you have a set thing of, “This is everything we can handle. Check the boxes that you want handled, and we’re going to do that for you.” What kind of stuff do you guys do?

Ally: Yeah. We break it up into three levels, I think, is the best way to describe it to people. The first level is things that they could handle on their own but don’t really have time to. That’s the basic stuff. I’m talking calendar management, booking a flight, things that, again, very clearly could do on their own, but just like, “Hey, I want someone else to do it.” So, that falls into that concierge, like personal assistant kind of role.

Then, the second one is more could do it, but I also would like to have somebody else do it. I probably maybe couldn’t. So, that’s smaller event planning, full trip planning, you might hire a travel agent or something that. The other nice thing about that level is we have exclusive partnerships with companies that can benefit these guys. Whether it’s hotel partnerships, or moving companies, or things like that, all those middle tier, I said, moves, and travel, and everything that falls in that category.

Then, the third one is something that they would definitely hire event planners or things for. That’s football camps, charity events, and we do so many engagements, wedding planning. You name it, those large-scale events that they’re actually going to hire somebody for, we’re diving in there and making sure that that’s done the right way, and making sure that we can craft a team together that’s going to get that done in the best way possible.

Colt: Very cool. So, you’re the quarterback.

Ally: [laughs]

Colt: Essentially, you’re basically the quarterback. You’re doing all the dirty work behind the scenes, staying late, making sure everything’s done. First in, the last one out type a deal.

Ally: Yeah, exactly. We don’t really have a 9 to 5 by any means but it’s okay. We like it.

Colt: That’s cool, though. You get much more of a personal experience with working with people when you’re like that too. What’s one of the coolest events or coolest things that you’ve been a part of or handled for somebody so far?

Colt: Oh, so many good ones. One that comes to mind, we did a football camp. I’m from Chicago originally. We got to do a football camp on the south side of Chicago for some kids there when John Franklin was actually playing there. It was his first camp. It was actually our first camp since I’ve been on my own since a few years ago now, but it was such a great experience. Seeing the kids and being in my hometown, that was one that was really cool to be able to do. Another one that really stands out is the last engagement that we did with Shelby Harris. He’s on the Broncos, and he and Stephanie, actually his wife, but they got engaged. But they have been clients since day one. They were my first full-time client actually, when I started out Athlete Relations. To be able to help with such a big moment, and Shelby had such a specific vision for it, and he can explain to me all I want, but I’m going to him with all these ideas you this, or this, or this, or this, and going that route. To be able to pull it off and he was so happy with it, and he said multiple times that it came together perfectly. So, those events that are just feel-good events, and you know that you killed it, they’re happy with it. Those are always my favorites.

Colt: That’s awesome, man. You can tell that they’re the best because of the just you can hear it in your voice. That’s what it’s all about for you is just making sure that everybody’s happy in the end, which is cool. I saw that when I went to your website. I’m like, “She’s probably helping guys with proposals and all these kinds of things,” and it’s like, “I needed help with that.”

Ally: [laughs]

Colt: It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or not. If you can get somebody to help you, then, I think that’s pretty cool. You guys are helping with everything, like I mentioned, neutral party even when it comes to a proposal or this, that, or the other type of stuff. So, very cool. You get to experience all the cool stuff, you’re there for all the fun, while we all know the NFL is not always fun, and it’s not always great to everybody and everything like that. Have you ever worked with any free agents, been part of a free agent process? What’s that like for a guy? You’re his quarterback behind the scenes. So, you’re dealing with everybody in his family and everything. It’s not just, “Hey, I’m a free agent.” There’s a lot that goes into that.” So, what’s that like?

Ally: It’s stressful and I think something to note about me as a person is, I’m such a people person that– There’s this, “Oh, athletes and family, and we’re all family,” and agencies and stuff say that all the time and they just don’t treat them like that. Then, there’s some that do, obviously. I fully believe that we do, and I think that we’ve become a very integrated part of their family as well. When you’re watching somebody that you know is so deserving and you know is so talented, and they’re just not being utilized the right way, and they are free agent, they’re not getting picked up, it hurts. I can’t even imagine how they feel and their wives and stuff feel this, because I feel it so deeply.

I love it with group texts, my fiancé, my parents, when our free agents get signed, it blows up with the three of our four of us just losing it. We get so excited. So, it’s definitely stressful, but it’s one of those things, you’re leading up to it for so long that when it finally happens, it’s almost even more exciting and amazing, because it’s been leading up to this for so long. You pray about it, you pray with them about it, they’re praying for it, and then all of a sudden, it happens. It’s just amazing. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen. You have to just live through those moments with them too and just be there for them. At the end of the day, I know that’s a very good chance that I’m going to get– Realistically, we’re the first thing that gets caught, because they could potentially do some of these things on their own.

It’s one of those things that I have to be understanding about that because I don’t ever want to be working with somebody that doesn’t need our services or take advantage of somebody just to make sure that we’re keeping clients. I’m 100% prepared for that. Almost, the fall is 10 times worse because of that whereas like the times that they do get signed is just so great, because we get to continue to work with them, they get to keep their job, everybody’s so happy. But it’s this double whammy when that doesn’t happen, because you know that’s potentially going to be a loss client too.

Colt: Yeah, that’s a tough situation for everybody, because I’m sure they’re also looking at you like, “We really don’t want to have to not work with Ally any longer either.” You’re becoming part of their family, essentially, through this process. Since we’re in the offseason right here and like I mentioned the Bills Rookies has reported. Are you working with anybody currently that’s a rookie or that went through the draft process or anything? What was that like?

Ally: We work with the team specifically. We have our ways to work with player development and things that. We’ve actually talked to the Bills as well about this stuff. But it just connects them when they come to somebody, and let’s say, player development or player services, and they say that this is what they’re looking for, that at least the player development people say like, “Okay, if you need something a lot more in depth than just what player development can offer, here’s a company that can do this on the very regular basis that you’re looking for.” That’s our easiest way to work with the rookies, is going through the team, because they get so bombarded during draft week, and I get bombarded during draft week, I can’t imagine them, especially, first, second, even third round draft picks, it’s just so much going on.

It’s easier for me, honestly, you’d be like, “Okay, now you’re on the team. Let’s get you settled in this area. What is the team going to handle? What are we going to handle?” It’s honestly easier for me to work in that capacity than trying to– again, I always joke about this. You can’t cold call NFL players. You can’t cold call draftees. You can’t be like, “Hey, this is what we do. Hope it looks good.” Or even sending a DM, it just gets lost. You really have to go through people, like the people on the team or anything like that can make sure that they can vouch for you and say like, “I’ve seen her work before. This is what you’re going to get out of it.” And if they need it and it makes total sense to sign on, perfect.

Colt: Yeah, I feel you’re in an incredible space right now with the NCAA just agreeing to pay college kids now. I feel there’s going to be a bunch of colleges across the country that needs somebody like you that can step in and show these kids that are going to have money while they’re in college now, which I hope it doesn’t end badly.

Ally: I know.

Colt: I’m happy that they’re going to get paid and rightfully so. But I feel it’s a dangerous situation is what we’re producing here. A little off topic there.

Ally: No, it’s all right.

Ally: It’s crazy thing right now. We get through into the season here and you’ve got somebody that you’re working with. What’s it actually like? Everybody gets the picture of Monday’s this day, Tuesday’s this day, but that’s for the player. But what’s happening behind the scenes and what’s that like for you when you have a player throughout the season?

Ally: There’s a lot of ebbs and flows, obviously. We’ve got some guys I feel that are really heavy with us during the season, because they’re like, “I’m just going to focus on playing. Anybody that needs anything, I’m just sending them to you.” Especially, same thing with their wives, kids, families, whatever. We have to get them to games. We have to fly them to away games. They don’t have time to be worrying about booking all the flights, and maintaining that, and checking in, and boarding passes. It’s just craziness. Especially traveling with kids by yourself when your husband’s playing, it’s just a lot. We get really heavy in that sense.

Other sense is, some of our guys that are single, and don’t really have families, or I really don’t need anything during the season, I’m usually pretty good. If we have a bye week, or an off day, maybe I’ll do dinner somewhere, but maybe, I’ll do a trip but typically it’s a lot slower for them. Whereas then you go to the offseason, and it’s just the exact opposite, and it’s really everybody’s needing something because they want to go on vacations, they want to experience all this stuff, and they want all the perks and to be getting stuff shipped. And, oh, now, we have interview requests, and now we have social media post requests, and marketing dollars, and everything gets chaotic. So, I think this season for me workwise gets a little bit slower as far as what we’re actually doing in booking, but we try to be at one game per season per client ideally. My travel just picks up a lot. I’m not sitting behind a computer like I am for a lot of the other times of the year, but I’m traveling a lot more. For me, I try to go with the ebbs and flows of that season and whatever is needed from me, but no two days inside of any season are ever going to look the same.

Colt: Yeah, since you traveled, I was wondering you are always on the move or if you try to station at home? Because you’re in New Orleans now, I think is where you’re at right?

Ally: Yeah, I’m in New Orleans.

Colt: You can do station or are you’re everywhere all the time? Is there no days where you’re home?

Ally: I feel right now is pretty heavy. Especially with the NFL season about to kick off again, we’re definitely going to be a lot busier and with last year, we didn’t get to do anything. I didn’t travel at all obviously because of COVID. So, I think this feeling of feeling we need to make up for that a little bit, making sure we’re around clients. But so far, in the offseason, had a couple trips. We have one more this week for a site visit for a client’s wedding. And then, I think we have a little break because when they go back to do camping workouts and stuff, really that’s my downtime. I will be diving straight into wedding planning, getting everything done, so that’s going to be my full-time job for a couple weeks. Then, we pick up again. We just go right back into NFL season, and we go and do all these cities and stuff. So, it actually ends up being a little bit of that ebb and flow again, but it’s way more specific. It can be down to the day where I’m like, “Okay, I’m home this day, and I’m traveling the next.” It’s crazy.

Colt: And you said, you guys have 30 people right now. How many people are part of your team? How many people are managing those 30 people?

Ally: The 30 people was total. At any given point, we probably have between 10 and 15, I’d say, at the most. I think right now, we’re at about 10. Everything goes through me. It’s always going to go through me, no questions, unless it gets big enough to where I can hire essentially a second me, that’ll be the day basically. At this point, everything goes through me. I divide up with our team. We’ve got two awesome interns who are just totally kicking ass. They’re learning so much. Then, we’ve got three or four freelancers at this point. If one of the clients is looking for something specifically, i.e., marketing, or PR, or something like that, we’ve got girls on top that we just bring in and say, “Okay, this is what it’s going to be. This is how your game plan is going to look moving forward.” So, it really just depends on where the client’s at as far as what their needs are. But at this point, everything still goes through me. I’m the person that they’re texting, and then I divide up on the backend of what that’s going to look.

Colt: Everything goes through the QB. That makes sense. That’s right. Have you been part of any babies being born, any of that stuff with anybody?

Ally: Yeah, we’ve had a few this year, actually. We had all in a row for some reason, all the babies at once. We’ve got five under one at this point, it’s crazy. Then, we’ve had a few obviously in the last years, too, but this year, it was COVID baby boom or something, because we just had so many in the last little while. But it’s sad I haven’t gotten to meet any of them, because of COVID. So, I’m hoping that this season lets me at least go and see the families and everything, and jump back into that, because I love that part.

Colt: When you’re doing this whole process, because you said you’re originally from Chicago, you’re in New Orleans now, where’s your fandom, why?

Ally: Unfortunately, it lies with the Bears. It’s a tough city to root for teams. I will always be a Bears fan. Diehard Bears fan, first and foremost. But I think for me at the end of the day, if I have a client playing, that’s the team I’m rooting for. I have every single team shirt at this point. I’ve got sweatshirts from the Broncos and Browns t-shirts, not even have clients on the Browns anymore. We’re all over the map. So, I have to say my first and foremost team is the Bears, but I’m always going to end up rooting for whatever team I have a client on. But if they’re playing the Bears, they know just to not talk to me that week.

Colt: I like that. You are still a diehard even though– because as a Bills fan, we just went through 23 years of misery. So, I’m very familiar with how hard it is to do that. It’s fun though that you still are like, “I love you, but I love them first.” So, I have to–

Ally: I’m also a Cubs fan. At the end of the day, I knew nothing of winning until literally, what five years ago now, almost, we’re coming up on the anniversary of it, five years. There’s no pain that can even compare.

Colt: Speaking of pain a little bit, circling back a little bit, have you ever been told or anything that you were told something before somebody else in their circles was told? Whether they signed something, or they got cut, or anything like that?

Ally: Yeah, we typically find out before– We’ll find out around the same time. I’m sure the wife and stuff is sitting there obviously when they get the calls and everything, but we typically find out right around the same time. We either get a text from them, or their wives. This year when Shelby got his huge contract, which was amazing, he FaceTimed me within minutes. It was just super emotional for us, and being a part of that for so long, and really seeing that pay off. I love being a part of those moments. Same with Tae, just got a great contract with the Texans. We were out there the next week helping a move and everything.  

We’re very involved in all of these things and we’re one of the first people that they call when something happens. I think it goes back to that they trust us, and we’re part of their family, just as much they’re a part of ours. Literally, they text my fiancé, he’s their best friend. I’m like, “It doesn’t work with us. It’s me. Hi, I’m here,” but they love him. So, I know that we’re doing something right.

Colt: That’s really awesome, though. To be part of that and odds are when they find out this news, and they look at their phone, your number’s probably one of the top numbers that they’ve contacted recently. It’s like, “Oh, yeah, we should go and meet.” [crosstalk]

Ally: Oh, yeah. That was the last person I call it 14 times.

Colt: That sounds about right. Very awesome. It’s very cool just seeing a different side of it. There’s somebody that gets to be a little more personal with these guys and like you said, when he signs a massive contract and you guys have been working with him for a long time, that’s a rewarding and awesome thing to be a part of, which is very cool. Not many of those jobs exist. I think everybody’s like, “It’s the NFL. It’s the NFL.” Yes, it is the NFL. There’s only 32 teams. They only roster so many. So, you’ve got to be the best of the best.

Ally: Yeah, exactly. It’s really cool to be part of that for sure. Shelby, as an example, we joke that we both took a chance on each other in the beginning. He was my first contracting client. Then, he was on his first contract with the Broncos. He was on so many practice squads and stuff before that, but being my first client, he could have gotten cut, and I would have back to no clients. I was like, “Nope, my eggs are all in this basket. We’re going to go.” I was just brand new, and he trusted me, and it’s when you get to that point where we both started from as far as career wise to where we are now, and our client base has grown. He obviously signed a huge contract, which when I get to that number, we will be in a totally different conversation. But it’s amazing to really see that hard work paying off on both ends and being there with each other and stuff in that way.

Colt: The other really awesome piece of it too is that, as a female, you’re kicking ass, and you’re breaking through into spaces that a lot of people don’t get to break through, or maybe they don’t try because they don’t think it can be done. So, it’s nice to see that there are people just to a regular person who just had an idea that decided they wanted to kick ass and be part of something cool, it can be done. It’s pretty cool.

Ally: I like it. I always been trailblaze-y like that. I’m like, “No, I think I can do it. I’m just going to try and see what it– What’s the worst thing that happens? It fails, I could start over. No big deal.” I had that mindset throughout, and don’t get me wrong, there’s days where I’m just absolutely losing it, and I’m like, “This is a terrible idea. What am I doing?” and everything like that. Then, you come back down to earth and you’re like, “Okay, wait, I feel better. We’re back on track.” It’s definitely one of those very rewarding careers, but entrepreneur life in general is just tough. You’re going to have days where you’re like, “I have no idea what I’m doing and maybe this isn’t going to work.” Then, the next day you sign a new client or something and you’re like, “Okay, I guess it’s working.”

Colt: Absolutely. I think if you don’t have that gut feeling that it’s difficult, then you don’t care about it. You have to have that, I think. You’re kicking ass right now, you’re three years in the running. It doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere. So, what’s the next big goal? How big are we trying to go? Have we got a five-year plan, a three-year plan, what’s coming up? What are you doing?

Ally: Yeah, I think it’s looking really good. We’ve signed a few good clients this year, so post-COVID life is looking great. I am really just trying to hone in on, like I said, those guys that really do need the help. I’m really trying to do my research, and make sure I’m finding people. We’re lucky that we’re getting a lot of referrals now at this point to of being like, “Hey, I talked to this person, and this is what they’re going through, and this is what their family’s going through, and I think that you could help.” It’s like doing things like this, where you’re just talking to people and they hear about it. That really helps. So, I’m just hoping that this growth keeps going and we can make it through wedding season, make it through NFL season, make it through all the seasons, and then, just enjoy it, and keep growing from there.

Colt: Which one’s more dangerous, wedding season or the actual season?

Ally: Wedding season. I said to my mom today, I’m like, “I don’t know.” I do this for a living and, thank God, because I don’t know how people do this. This is craziness, especially, post-COVID. Literally, our caterer canceled last week and our wedding’s in six months. I’m like, “Okay.” It’s just craziness. You just have to roll with it. Whereas at least the NFL season, I have an idea of how it’s going to work. Wedding season? I can do 100 weddings. I still don’t know how it’s going to work, because everything is so different.

Colt: When everybody’s out and about too, so everybody’s busy, everybody can do what they want to do. Airline flights are stupid expensive. Everybody’s just moving and grooving right now. It’s great. I’m glad that we’re getting this opportunity to do that. It’s not a bad thing. Very cool. Anything that you want to shout out that you got coming up, or anything that you’re looking to do, or any last words for anybody before we get out of here?

Ally: I think we covered everything. We’re just going to be cruising through the NFL season. If you guys want to follow along on Athlete Relations, and mine is ridiculous. I post a lot on there too of our adventures and all of our fun stuff with our guys. So, I will be just as active on there as ever this season, and hopefully, we get some new clients on there, and be able to do some fun shoutouts, and maybe a Bills client. We’ll see where this season takes us.

Colt: Yeah, you absolutely want to join a winning team right now, and there is a winning team in Buffalo. So, you should definitely get some of those guys up there. Actually, you should probably just get on with the whole team, and then, we’ll be able to circle back, and I’ll just be their hub to come and chat– [crosstalk]

Ally: Perfect. We’ll connect.

Colt: -where there are people moving and grooving. That’s right. Thanks a lot for coming on, Ally. I know you’re a busy lady. You’re dealing with people with way more money and way more things going on than me every day of the week, so I really do appreciate you coming by. Thanks again, I know you’re down there in New Orleans. The Bills will be playing down there this year. Hopefully, it’s going to be a good thing for us. I hate to have to say that to you, but I have to, because I do hope that it works out for us.

Ally: That’s okay. I’m not a Saints fan, you remember? [giggles]

Colt: That’s right. You’re just there right now. So, that’s okay. But thanks again everybody for listening. I appreciate you, guys. Make sure you guys head over to buffalonerd.com to check out everything I’m up to and thank you. Go Bills.


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