Inside Player Relations with Ally Redig

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2021 Player Outlook: Jamaal Williams, RB, Detroit Lions

RB Jamaal Williams (DET) Offseason Changes New quarterback Team change New competition Projected Stats: Receiving: 300+ yards & 2 TD’s Rushing: 700+ yards & 4+ TD’s 2021 PPR Projected Ranking: 35th Overall Outlook It is imperative heading into each draft, you have identified a few players that you believe will be a break-out candidate and […]

A trip to the Underworld with Josh Larky

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CrockTalk with Eric Crocker

Colt Schroeder Hey, what is up, Bills mafia. Welcome in to another episode of the Buffalo nerd. Suppose this is your first time here; thanks for being here if you’ve been here listening to all the other episodes. Thank you. I appreciate you. You are going to love the show today. I got a great […]

Beware These High Powered Offensive Backfields

As we quickly round our way to the start of Fantasy Football season, many have begun to target the guys who are must-have guys for the upcoming season. Targeting high-powered offenses, proven workhorses, and the hot new toys that have entered the league. This article is meant to try and find answers to three high-powered […]